Anonymous has asked: Who would you have a threesome with?

I wouldn’t but I mean if I HAD to, probably the cute drummer boy from 5 Seconds of Summer and Carly from Girl Code

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"The first 388 BG crew shot down in combat were on their first mission. And Mr. Forrest’s father, now 90 and living in a nursing home, was a ball turret gunner on a Flying Fortress that had a harrowing experience on a bombing run over Berlin on March 29, 1944.

With the pilot and co-pilot both wounded, bombardier/navigator Charles Neff, who had never flown an airplane, took control of their plummeting, crippled B-17 — which was named “Borrowed Time”. Lieutenant Neff leveled off at 9,000 feet and managed to steer the aircraft back to their home base in England via an unplanned, alternate route. He performed the first-ever landing of a B-17 on autopilot, and brought the aircraft down intact, albeit two hours behind schedule. The entire 10-man crew survived.

Mr. Neff, 88, said he finally was sent home after completing 35 bombing missions across Europe, including two on D-day, June 6, 1944.”

This is an excerpt from an article about my grandfather during WW2. Charles Neff, my papa, is taking me to Utah with him tomorrow to attend his bomb group reunion and I couldn’t be more excited!

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strictly nature
Ask me anything you wanna know about me.

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If you don’t think I’m cute that’s your problem not mine


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